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>> if there is one life that can be saved then we've gotq!,n obligation to try it. >> the president taking 23 separate actions on his own, saying it will be up to congress to impose new gun restrictions. mark matthews joins us live with reaction from the nra. >> today the president framed his presentation with school children who had written him legalitier ootz president is helping -- advocating gun control laws. school children wrote to him with suggestions including an 11-year-old. >> she says i know laws have to be passed by congress but i beg you to try very hardéfcs.
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>> the conzbres reluctant to pass comprehensive gun controls. he signed 23 action that's include providing more federal money but added these are just first steps. >> congress, too, must act. and congress must acfgs÷, soon. >> what the president wants is a universal background check for gun purchases, a limit how many a clip can hold and a ban on military style assault weapons, advocates are gearing up for battle in a new video, the rifle association goes after the president, personally. >> slammed being skeptical of having armed guards in schools, his daughters are required
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secret service protection. julia believes her voice and those of children around the country can bring change to stop the violence. >> lawmakers are skeptical of the plan, and some democrats in the senate said they're uncomfortable with what the president is asking. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from house democratic leader nancy pelosi and jackie speier who survived a shooting and we'll hear from a local gun instructor believes actions are grounds for impeachment. abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you. >> new at 4:00 we have a look at many of the weapons turned in during the gun buy back program yesterday. 827 firearms handed in for cash. one problem, authorities ran through $43,000j handed out another $70,000 in vouchers. the county trying to raise money to fund vouchers.
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marin county plans to go through with another/c buy back program. >> coming up here at 4:30, we'll tuk a former south bay city attorney presenting a city attorney with an ordinance. abc 7 news at 5:00, new battles launched today over gun issues including one protecting privacy of gun owner autos happening now in seg backyards for two armed robberskjc=. police say they took off and crashed into a parked car and the bay front expressway, then took off. two of the(x men and a gun have already been taken into police custody. >> new at 4:00 oakland museum of california is releasing a stolen last week. police say someone took off with this gold box that dates back to california's gold rush
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days. a $12,000 reward being offer forward return. you can call the tip line. we have that posted owe for you here. that number is also available on our web site. >> the search is on for a stranger trying to kidnap a toddler, snatching the child from her mother's arm autos the 2-year-old girl was not hurt. at tempted abduction occurred outside of the family home. the child's mother says she was holding the girl and a man approached and suddenly grabbed the child's legs. her mother was able to pull the girl free this, has other families a bit shaken. >> as a mom, freaked out. it's your kid. so that is pretty sorry. oh, my gosh. >> neighbors are talking to their children and say they
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>> wife of a man who died after being shot in san jose came forward today, they're asking for help in solving her husband's murder. >> happening now, police are utilizing the powerful tools they have to help find a killer. pleas from the family. the wife of the first homicide victim of the year broke down in tears, describing her pain and emptiness her young daughter feels. her husband grew up in san jose and was a barber. someone shot him once near his home. his body found next morning. police say there is no evidence of gangs or any j68fñ they need the public's help. but more than that, the family is pleading for information that will solve this crime. >> it's very hard for me. because... i have a daughter, 5-year-old. and she is -- asking for him.
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and i don't have answers for her. >> anyone with information is urged to call police department. police can even remain anonymous, contacting silicon valley crime stoppers. we have numbers and information on our web site. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we have developing news overseas. three americans among a group of people taken hostage. >> dozens kidnapped in an oil field in the northern african country today. a militant group claimed responsibility saying it's in protest of france's recent military action. the secretary of defense has called the kidnapping a terror act. >> a running fawcett caused more damage to oakland unified school headquarters, flooding the building and caused damage. the district says workers will be displaced throughout the spring and initial assessment
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taking eight to 10 weeks. the flood caused by someone who left the tap on. >> mavericks coming back to half moon bay this weekend. the contest kicking off on sunday and conditions expected to be pretty much perfect by then. kelly slater is among two dozen surf stars headed to half moon bay this, will be the firstf:!atime conditions are right for a contest since 2010. >> those pictures are so dramatic. >> they are stunning. >> yes. >> what is the weather going to be for the weekend? >> our weather continues to get milder, overnight weather seems to want to remain cold. we have clear skies being hardly a cloud to be found there. is a bit of the haze this, morning low temperatures once again dropping well below freezing and into 20s in places like napa county airport.
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and santa rosa. 26 degrees in fairfield. lots of subfreezing weather this morning. things are getting better, though. however, air quality remains moderate to poor. so tomorrow will be another spare the air day. we expect poor air quality in inland east bay, north bay. and south bay, just moderate quality. clear skies, temperatures in the 40s and a b-52 a raise. haze. a chilly start to the day. low temperatures in upper 20s to low 40s by mid afternoon, sunny day, and milder, but hazy again, again, another spare the air day tomorrow. >> thank you. >> still ahead this may be where the interior secretary makes all of the big decisions, one of the smallest rooms in washington, d.c. could be the most-expensive. >> one lucky die hard niners fan can still go atlanta for free. we'll tell you how, up next. >> then, plans for a new area
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code plan in san francisco. and why some people just do not like it. >> and michael fibby will abs your questions live just a little bit later. >> a live look at traffic on this wednesday afternoon. and it's the custom yairy crawl. traffic trying to get to the east bay, bumper to bumper, better for folks headingsu towards 101 south
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a really bizarre story this afternoon. one of the most emotional story lines this past college football season. turns out it wasn't true. linebacker titao decided to play in the game against michigan state. this was just days after his grandmother and girlfriend died. on the same day. his story of playing through the heartache became a prominent theme during the undefeated season. it turns out the girlfriend, reportedly a stanford student never existed. the whole8ñ sordid tale came to light today in an article on dead notre dame issued a statement saying he was the victim of a hoax. university officials say he came to them in december saying he thought he had bnt victim of a scam here.h7zy
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and some reports say he only communicated with a woman online, and by phone. >> u.s. interior secretary announced today he will be leaving his post this march. his departure on the same day in4xéú atlanta tv station reled photos of the person bathroom in the interior secretary's office. that bathroom saved $220,000 renovation between 2007 and 2009, when bush interior secretary had the job. it includes a $3500 subzero refrigerator and 690 fawcett. reports of the costly renovations surfaced in 2009 but television station just obtained photos through the freedom of information act. >> this is quite a bathroom. >> my goodness. >> yes. >> moving on, apple offering payment plans for customers in china. and ebay recording record sales. >> emily chang joins with us
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today's after the bell report. emily? like dell and hp struggled to stay on top of the mobile wave but ebay is riding it high. results showing it's having no problems carrying on its legacy in a new world of smart phones and tablets. sales up 18% to nearly $4 billion and profit rose 16%. this is thanks to record holiday sales, transactions doubled and pay pal transaction volume tripled. apple try tg make it easier for people in china to buy its products but not cutting prices, instead, offering installment plans.7li! buyers can spread out their payments over two years. fees can range up to 8.5%. apple has been struggling to
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compete. bleermg news learned alibaba group is taking steps to prepare fon an ipo, the hong kong offering could raise as much as $4 billion potentially making it the largest internet ipo since facebook. jumped 6% during today's trade. the black berry maker says technologies for payments have been approve by visa. and for broader market, investors continued to watch their corporate earnings, bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher. and google ventures was among thewpz8ñ most-active venture capitol firms in 2012 but the deals were down compared to previous year.
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$28 billion was invested. that is a decline of 7.5% in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. go to the championship game, you zront a way to get there, we may have your solution. fans can enter the road trip sweep stakes one lucky winner will be picked winning two round trip tickets to atlanta, two tickets to the game and a stay at the team hotel. the contest runs until tomorrow at noon. winner contacted at that time by phone. so how do you get in on this? go to our web site for a road trip contest form. mike shumann, you'll see him there. the reports will begin friday, right here on abc 7 news. >> everyone talking about
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49ers fever. we've been receiving lots of fan photos. take a look. >> the @ this guy. >> enthusiastic. i'm getting young fans, look at this little girl, decked out, head to tow. >> and pets are big football plans as well. you're looking at charlie and ava showing off their 49er gear. remember, we'll post them and perhaps show yours on the air. >> i'm thinking they should have a special pet section. these dogs and cats? >> yes. >> they're huge niner fan autos yes. >> all of those guys are animals you know? we've got nice weather. >> this is a live view from our mount tam camera looking
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down ton to the bay on this sunny day. a pair spare the air day. a beautiful day none theless. you can see air quality declining. here is a lack atjñ live doppler 7 hd showing cloud-free skies. it's precipitation-free conditions. taking a look at temperatures into 50s. 58 in redwood city and mountain view. 55 in san francisco. we'll see 60s this time, tomorrow, here is the forecast panel, clear, chilly conditions tonight. spare the air day again, tomorrow, milder days with us throughout sunday. we'll see highs climbing into #
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so we can call this a sunny, dry month of january. high temperatures, sunny, dry conditions will be into low 60s in oakland, fremont. san jose, santa rosea, napa. lots of locations, down near monterey bay, mid to upper 60s. 67 in watsonville. 69 in salinas. 65 in gilroy.
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mild weather remain with us throughout the weekend and into the beginning of the week. we'll start to cool down on tuesday of next week, then, there will be cooling wednesday but still no rain is in sight. not that anyone is complaining about that. so, by the way as days get milder. >> it's something to look forward to. >> thank you. >> up next a book of rules, search for owner of this special book left in a store. >> and trendy work out ware for women giving new mean for women giving new mean together termssure and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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elton john has a new baby and mark wahlberg's role on camera in "broken city" is not his favorite part in the movie. >> back to the big screen in the crime thriller "broken city". mark plays an excop out for redemption. he told us he had a blast going head to head with russell crow but his true love was the role behind the camera. >> becoming a producer i think was the greatest thaing ever happened to me. now, i'm in control of my own destiny whether making good or bad decisions and i just love it.
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i also love creating opportunities for other people. >> broken city opens on friday. gay and lesbian alliance against did he familiaration are nominating for outstanding comedy. the glad media awards will be held in new york, l.a. and san francisco, beginning in march. elton john and husband, davidg÷ furnish have a new baby boy. otrc obtained a copy of the birth certificate. the couple says they're quotee't happiness skpechl sitement. elton throws one of the best oscar parties check out to make your picks and share them on facebook. >> a man is on a mission to find the rightful owner of a unique book of rule autos don't call each other names. clean up your messes.
4:25 pm
no eating other people's food. >> she found the book while collecting shopping carts in the parking lot at a walmart store where he works. he didn't think about the book but after flipping through pages he realized he found something too special to be tossed away. >> these rules mean a lot to them and probably to parents as well. >> this book contains 158 rules and life lessons, several from an adult, others appear to be from the hand of belt. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, security on amtrak. >> a special tsa viper team policed rails here, i'll have the story next. >> incredible video from london. why police calling what
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followed a miracle. >> a task for rover curiosity trying
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we're used to seeing tsa inspectors at airports but teed a team made its presence
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known. >> that is where abc 7 news is this afternoon with a story only on abc 7. hi, laura. >> hi, larry. well, train stations are difficult to secure because they're so wide open. but today, tsa showed up unannounced to let the public and potential troublemakers know that they are keeping an eye on the rails. >> we've prepared. >> this passenger says she noticed them right away. the many black cladoç,j inspecs at the amtrak station. and it's a presence she appreciates. >> would you like to see them more often? >> yes. just in case. >> part of the team effort, the spraigs put about a dozen agencies at the station to see and be seen. we've blurred faces because some also worked under cover.
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>> the deterrent is making a presence known at the station, talking to skpaengz letting the bad guys know we're here and passengers know we're here. and wrking to tailor our viper teams to their needs. >> the idea is looking for signs of trouble. that said tsa and amtrak believe working together, they can make travel as safe as it can be. >> we could do have random baggage checks and some of the larger stations we have k 9 units. some who travel on amtrak told us they7!x think the level of security is enough. >> i hope we don't come to that. i can't see train trains being the source of security problems. >> now, tsa teams aren't just used to patrol transportation
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sites like this one, they have been and will be used in high profile events. many of them here in the bay area, we'll have more for you on that tonight at 6:00. >> the same date president has taken action to address guns and violence, a community leader in san jose is urging the stourns to do the same. abc 7 news is live with the latest. david? >> city council often gets ideas from the public. but today, something unusual this, is to control assault wop yonz here in the city. this man wrote this proposal. he's a 77-year-old resident attorney. he wants the city to make any resident who owns an assault weapon to register it with the police department and pass a background check.
4:32 pm
it goes beyond that. >> the idea behind this ordinance is to give continuing control by requiring these weapons to be destroy bid the police department, and the police department to make sure that when these weapons are requested to be withdrawn, that there is a legitimate purpose behind it now, san jose used to wait and let the federal government and state governments take lead. there are a lot of things moving. you can see what they do. >> so there was the mayor' reaction. we talked to him just before he jumped on a plane in washington, d.c.. so he was not able to attend the hearing today. postpone action on this particular proposal until next week. now, we also talked to the manager of the san jess yeah gun store and about this proposal z we'll have his thoughts as we continue our
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coverage on this controversial issue on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see you alt 6:00. >> police in london say it's a miracle more people weren't kill today when a helicopter crashed on to a busy street, slamming into a construction crane in dense fog, then plummeted below. several vehicles caught fire, debris flew everywhere. but only the pilot and one person on the ground were killed. 16 others, injured. >> we saw the helicopter just go. quite shocked. >> we heard metal falling, everybody was running 67b89. >> smoke building up.ilt and people just running and screaming. >> the helicopter pilot was trying to land in a helipad and likely did not know of an air krafl control warning
4:34 pm
aboard the crane. operator wasn't there today. he was late to work for the first time in years. >> the curiosity rover will begin drilling for evidence of water on mars. nasa says it will be a spot on mars with an evidence of a watt year yes histry. they're hoping to find out how much water was in the area. and this could give them a sense of whether the weather was habitable. >> a weather forecaster takes creative action after his computer crash autos take note, spencer. u.s. postal service launching the lunar new year with a special unveiling. >> today is just ahead, i'm taking your questions so you can contact me right now on abc 7 and twitter, m finney. i'll answer questions here live later.
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>> and from our camera, haze in the sky. sunny skies abu. how long will this last? >> you can see haze from the bridge as well. traffic is moving pretty well now. stay with us. abc 7
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lunar new year kicked off early with a special presentation in city hall. the mayor and post newscaster
4:38 pm
participated in national unveiling of the lunar new year stamp welcoming the year of the snake. it shows a firecracker and a paper cut design of a snake. the mayor says it's an honor to hold the first day of issue here. he isn't ready to let go of the year of dragon which brought the giants world series victory. >> so many things happened when it was the world series on our way to a little, perhaps super bowl. and it's hard not to note the year of the dragon produced the victory. the stampz are available at post offices, original stamps will be released for next six years. >> take a look at what happened when a meteorologist in a tv station discovered his computers crashed just moments before going on the air. >> he said he decided to just draw weather graphics himself, including radar, which, you
4:39 pm
can see here showed clear skies. >> and now we know where tulsa is, too. he threw in color using blue for low temperatures and yellows for the high. >> that is him when he found out the computer was back up with those graphics. >> back in the day, this is how we used to do it in days before high tech graphics and imagery. when i first started doing weather 40 years ago we had plexiglas covers and i had to draw in highs, lows, smiley faces and stuff. we had to explain the weather. >> so you had to be an artist. >> am i not, still? >> it remains subject to judgment. >> you're probably right. i'm going to talk about weather. with my high tech tools, i couldn't draw this pick you're,
4:40 pm
we've got cloud free skies. we do have declining air quality today. tomorrow will be as well. and we now have a beach hazard alert in effect from friday afternoon to saturday morning. and this is for these areas in monterey bay. looking for sets to 20 feet of sneaker waves possible. so just bear that in mind. looking at national weather conditions tomorrow, nationwide, here is what we can expect. looks like a wet day for the ant lantic coast with exception of northern new england. upper mid west, it will be cold. nice, pleasant down threw the nation's mid section and dry from mississippi valley westward. speaking of pacific coast, we expect dry day, sunny skies from top to hot both yom. high temperatures cool to mild
4:41 pm
into the northern part of the state. warm down south. highs 76 in los angeles tomorrow, 70 in san diego. 71, palm springs. here in the bay area, sunny skies is getting milder after a chilly morning start we'll see highs into low 60s for much of the bay area tomorrow, that is an improvement over what we've had this week z highs continuing to climb higher as we aroach the weekend. i'll tell you more with that at 5:00. >> thank you. >> still ahead, concerns about the caffeine and energy drinks and what those drinks could do to your body. >> workout gear claims to help you clim down while exercising. >> and one of your best options for making or receiving calls or texts when
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checking healthy living news, government research finds nu bzh of;l) emergency rm visitses tied to energy drinks doubled since twe. a survey shows most of the cases involve teenagers or young adult was half telling doctors they downed just one energy drink. the report does not specify which symptoms landed people in the er but calls consumption a rise in public health problem that's can cause elevated heartbeat and insomnia.
4:45 pm
>> a review of research by the institute of medicine found the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe. the organization says following the complete ked you'll is stronger associated with reducing prer preventable diseases. typical american child received 24 immunizations by age two. parents of children on the autism spectrum believe vaccines led their children's disorder. scientific evidence, though, disputes that. >> michael finney is here answering questions sent to him through facebook. jojon asks, i'm going out of the country next month and would lick to know what is my beflt option in had making and receiving calls or texts? from my cell phone this, could be tricky. >> and who is your current provider. so if your telephone has a sink card, think m terms of at and t.xhy
4:46 pm
changes your telephone number. this just puts your phone on to their system and it's vein inn expensive, another thing you can do, you call up very sorngs they send you a phone work there for@n0v-p&l fee. you sign up for a new service costs about $35. wander around europe, is a good deal. good deal. uz be cheapec"-m, yu can get low cost calls while abroad by just using wi-fi. think in terms of skip, face time, look, you're on vacation.
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>> there is information posted on a web site and says they're trying to remove the information is there anything i can do? >> you knlt. let them do the work. if you feel like it, you can report to it ftc. other thing you need to protect yourself meaning get your report, get it free through annual credit >> thank you. >> tur. >> well there is a new line of workout clothing promising to help you burn more calories. according to the creator hot pants make you sweat more, melting off pounds. abc news talks with the woman
4:48 pm
behind them. >> how much more can you burn? we found it helps you burn 11% more calories while exercising and in the hour afterwards, helps you burn 13% more. >> the clothing line is building a celebrity following.[8hi÷ the alleged calorie burning boost doesn't come cheap. hoodies run $129 pants going for 70. they're only available on the web site. >> over, under on how much months it takes before government recalls this for a bogus claim. >> where do they come up with 11%? >> it's science. >> yes. it's science. >> boxers wear sweet suit autos yes. >> and interesting design. anyway. don't forget jimmy kimmel live every night right here on abc
4:49 pm
7. he gave a comment teary big announcement on a new search tool. >> mark zuckerberg announced if you post one more picture of your cat sleeping they're going delete your ak graph search delivers search results more customized by incorporating information from your network of friends. you can ask who are my friends that live in san francisco? and ill it will answer, if have you to ask that, you don't have friends. >> i'm rung low on friends now. manhattanno and phillip phillips. week nights 11:35 p.m. and then, night line comes on after jimmy. >> still ahead here, the new emergency notification coming to marin county. plus. >> if you have pride in 40
4:50 pm
401 -- 415, you might hate 628. when the new code is coming up. >> in abc 7 newsroom, new battle line drawn over guns and gun control. today's issue that aims to protect the privacy. >> and a push for moron line college courses. today, regents weigh in on this. that is coming up at 5:00.
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marin county is upgrading it's emergency notification system. if you want to receive note ficks have you to register it. >> also for those that work and go to school there. land line numbers are already in the new system. >> cell phone and voicemdo]3 overproto call numbers do require registration wex have information on how you can do
4:54 pm
that on our web site. >> so the question is what is your number? recently happened to san jose. san francisco next in line to get a new area code. >> state public utilities commission held a hearing on adding 628 to the 415 area code. >> we're live outside of the cpuc can w.details. carolyn? >> yes. they hope to make a decision about this in the next six months or so. they say it will take about a year and will be controversial to anyone who doesn't want to be inconvenienced or anyone who has pride in the 415 .s. >> this is a nice big 415 on the back. >> if you need convincing it's a status symbol, look at 415 clothing incorporated. the area code is king. francisco pride. and that this is another way
4:55 pm
of representing that. >> get ready for something new. >> i love it. i hope they< don't change it. why? tomorrow people? >> exactly. the california public utilities commissionv÷q' says e code will be exhausted by 2015. the cpuc is presenting alternatives. split san francisco into two regions with one area of the city keeping 415, another changing to 628. n would require federal approval or do what is called an overlay, giving new area code to newcomers, unfortunately for those getting 628 it won't have that 415 cash yeah. kittarro a consumer psychologist says it zr meaning. >> so these days everybody's phone is part of their body in a way. there is two coolest brands,
4:56 pm
one is 212, one is 415. >> so we're cool. there will be a hearing tonight at 7:00 here at the state building and two more meetings tomorrow, we have information about both on our web site. live in san francisco abc 7 news.
4:57 pm
6. >> afternoons are getting milder. where temperatures are rising in the accu-weather forecast. >> good evening, i'm dan ashry. >> and the search is on tonight for a man who tried to kidnap a toddler. >> new here on abc 7 news at 5:00 we spoke with the child's mother. it happened in east san jose. a man walked up to the mother and try td take her bill lirl. -- little girl what. mother has to say about this attempted kidnapping. >> the mom just left the police department headquarters here about an hour ago. she was here all afternoon working with a sketch artist this, is what they came up w the mother says this is the face of the man who walked up to her east san jose front yard yet
4:58 pm
evening, chatted just a moment then tried to take her 3-year-old daughter. the mom man wrathed to get her back, and he is a stranger and ran away down the street. this little girl's mother called what happened crazy. >> my daughters and i were playing out side. the guy was walking by and he started to talk about my, how pretty my daughters were and nationality and all that. and he knelt down to talk to my 3-year-old and just picked her up by her ankles and started to pull her from me. >> about 5:30 in the evening. a quiet cul-de-sac. the mom wrestleduqík her away m him. >> her boots came off. her pants were coming off. >> a person like this needs to be off the streets. we need to identify him as soon as possible. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic male between 20, 30
4:59 pm
years old, five six with a thin build wearing a red baseball cap, blue jeans and a white, or light shirt with yellow stripes and he smelled of automotive oil. >> our concern is that he, if willing to be as brazen as he was yesterday evening, who is to say he won't do it again? and again? we don't -- we want to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> again this, is a police search of the suspect. just completed about an hour ago. the mother was here all afternoon, working on this. police are asking for the public's help to bring him in. if you think you know something that may help you're asked to call crime stoppers line. you can remain anonymous on that number. or again you can remain anonymous. in san jose, abc 7 news.

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